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Author:  nory316 [ Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum Guidelines

First and foremost, treat everyone else with respect. Their opinion may be horseshit, but it’s their horseshit and they are entitled to express it. If you disagree with it state your reasons why but be prepared to take on others points of views.

As a rule of thumb avoid console wars as a discussion topic. Stick to less contentious issues such as politics or religion. (Joke)

Swearing and general rudeness is allowed as long as it is not excessive or intended to cause offence to another member. We're mostly all grown ups so we trust you to use your own discretion to assess what is acceptable and what isn't.

Do not under any circumstances “flame” another forum member. We have a zero tolerance policy on flamers, bullies or nasty shitbags in general.

No spamming. Ever. If you’re trying to sell something, do it on E Bay.

Never trust the written word to convey your feelings alone. A well placed smiley goes a long way.

Something that seems funny to you at three in the morning after six bottles of wine and kebab may not seem so funny to other people. The mods reserve the right to remove, edit or move posts on the infrequent occasions they may unintentionally offend. (Although, you'll probably find it was a Mod that posted it in the first place.)

If the above ever happens to a post of yours then a mod will either post an explanation in the thread or PM you direct.

Housekeeping is a wonderful thing. My missus says so. Round these parts you may find your posts moved or merged in the name of cleanliness, particularly if there are multiple similar topics.

So there it is folks. Nothing startling or convuluted in there I'm sure. Stick to the guidelines above and we'll all get along like a house on fire. :-D

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